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Brand interpretation:
The highest state of life is comfortable and clear, the real life should be a sunny life, a comfortable life. "Shulang" conveys an intellectual dressing style and life concept for women. The women featured in the "Shulang" makeup show their intellectual charm and personality charm, and bring out the wisdom of the sunny women and the beautiful life concept. The charm of Shu Lang lies in: being a Shu Lang woman will always be beautiful.
Brand Positioning:
A historic brand with a stable style and refined quality, renowned for its relentless pursuit of high quality. At the same time, it is also one of the most innovative fashion brands in the industry, able to break through routines and guide new trends, bringing an intellectual quality life and a confident and happy sunny mood to the urban high-end business people.
Brand interpretation:
The young woman with beautiful romantic feelings in the city, fashion is not exaggerated, sexy is not bold, soft and confident, elegant and fresh, leaving a fascinating impression in urban life, business activities, social places and other fashion spaces. They prefer pure colors, smooth lines, slim silhouettes, and exquisite details, and shape themselves into an unassuming, not strong, smart and bright woman, like a colorful butterfly with a beautiful romantic atmosphere.
Brand Concept:
The "vine-like elegance" lifestyle comes from the beauty of the vine brand. Beauty of Vine graces your life.
Brand Positioning:
A historic brand with a core style and independent identity, drawing inspiration from French elegance and Italian elegance, combined with the aesthetic appeal of modern urban women, to create a classic and elegant taste with international style, focusing on the external appearance of customers , At the same time, it also pays great attention to improving the happiness of customers' inner perception.
Brand connotation:
A brand with a travel-themed sense of story. The brand advocates a "young and good time" sunny lifestyle. Its overall style is European urban casual fashion women's clothing. The product is characterized by contrasting colors and stitching techniques. It has fashion, modern and commuter styles. Urban fashion also has casual, comfortable, and environmentally friendly casual fashion, which promotes the concept of youth freedom and publicity, creating a cheerful atmosphere of "creative fashion, colorful life" unique to young women.
Brand Positioning:
This is a brand with strong visual impact and story connotation, a brand with innovation and appeal, which always gives people a bright impression. The design always considers the diverse needs of fashion customers and pays attention to high quality. The relentless pursuit of is equally important to GOGIRL.
Brand connotation:
Kelidome embraces all kinds of cultural heritage, creativity, cognition, and imagination, and integrates into art and design with thoughts about the world, life, and life. Its unique inclusive broad interpretation of clothing art, natural fabrics with the temperature of nature, soft tones are suitable for oriental women's skin color, let you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, as if you are in the sea of ​​lavender flowers, enjoy a leisurely leisurely slow time.
Brand Positioning:
The designer style brand of the Shulang Group is favored by high-grade women with artistic cultivation and enjoyment of life in a simple, natural and casual style. Its powerful innovation has created a group of high-quality loyal customers for the brand group.
Brand Positioning:
In 2010, Shulang Group launched a brand with great designer style—Zuiku. Zuiku, who takes individuality as the brand language, combines the aesthetic technology that combines innovation, independence, personality, and perception with the harmonious clothing and accessories to match it just right. One or more, unique or repetitive, "Drunk Cool" represents a place, an attitude and a way of life.
GOGIRL KIDS children's clothing continues the colorful and distinctive color characteristics and mix and match techniques of the GOGIRL brand, focusing on children's wearing comfort, the adoption of healthy and environmentally friendly fabrics, and creating a children's exclusive space full of colorful imagination. , Abstract patterns, tassel elements, fresh lace, gradients and collisions of color blocks, different color matching, different material matching, etc., create a colorful and dreamlike dream world for children.
3: 3 sweater experts
3: 3 Sweater expert is a unique brand item of e-commerce created by Shu Lang in 2014, with soft and comfortable, personalized freedom to meet the fashion experience of fashionable women. 3: 3 The style of sweaters is free and changeable, and the colorful and colorful yarns are used to outline the different postures of European and American neutral style, pure leisure style, OL style, and lady's pastoral style. Popular trends, combined with popular and practical elements, construct the image of modern women's clothing on different occasions, and create a simple and simple life philosophy. Focus on the sweater and discover every beauty.
Coat Square
Brand Concept:
Implied luxury, clear elegance, quiet attraction, reasonable design, smooth contours, elegant colors, interpret and shape contemporary women's exclusive coat brand. Behind each coat is Feng Rusong's devotion to the exquisite craftsmanship, thus giving each coat a wonderful soul.
Feng Rusong is simple, stylish and noble, and his persistence in perfect craftsmanship is the purpose that Feng Rusong has always adhered to. From the design to the completion of each coat, a professional team has repeatedly tested it, striving to achieve the perfect balance of style and comfort.
Brand crowd positioning:
Mindset Young women in the 70s who advocate nature,
Post-80s women who understand life confidence and elegance,
Late 90 women who yearn for quality youth and vitality.