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Witness Progress and Taste Growth-Showlong Business School Graduation Ceremony

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2020/05/18 10:41
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In order to cultivate a large number of innovative talents for the development of enterprises, Shulang Business School came into being. Since the establishment of the business school, adhering to the company's corporate philosophy of "actions make dreams come true" and the employment policy of "people-oriented, both ability and political integrity, application of talents, and full use of talents", the business school has adopted advanced educational concepts to "unity, enterprising The working spirit of "Pragmatism and Pragmatism" has cultivated and delivered batches of outstanding talents for all departments of the company. Shulang Business School was formally established on January 1, 2012. As of the end of July 2012, it had trained 42 sessions with more than 1,200 trainees, and they were held on February 19, March 17, and June 9, 2012. , Held grand graduation ceremonies for new recruits from the 1-34 period. Wu Jianmin, Chairman of Shulang, Li Meng, Director and Deputy General Manager of Shulang, Shen Li, Director and Deputy General Manager of Shulang, Sun Mingjun, Financial Director of Shulang, and Bao Guiqiu, General Manager of Human Resources of Shulang, attended the ceremony as guests. As well as all the teachers and graduates of the business school attended the ceremony and witnessed the solemn and sacred moment of graduation. At the graduation ceremony, the host announced the commencement of the graduation ceremony, and then representatives of outstanding students from different departments made typical speeches. The students expressed their gratitude and best wishes to the company, as well as their sincere thanks to the leaders and teachers. Afterwards, Wu Jianmin, chairman of Shulang Co., Ltd., made a concluding speech with eloquence. He first congratulated the graduates of the business school, and shared his life experience and entrepreneurial history with everyone, as an encouragement, and hopes that everyone will work steadily in the future work, be upright, and promote "respect for tradition, The corporate spirit of "creating the future" has a lot to do in future work. Finally, the company leaders who attended the ceremony awarded graduation certificates to thousands of graduates and took photos with the students in each session, leaving an important page in the development history of Shulang.

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