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Shandong Show Long Garment Co.,Ltd.,founded in 1999 and located in Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone,Shandong,is a well-known women’s dress manufacturer integrating product design,development,production and marketing.Relying on a corporate spirit of“Respect Tradition,Create the Future”,scientific and efficient management,advanced technology and equipment as well as teamwork,Show Long has developed rapidly,occupied a pivotal position in China’s apparel industry and become a leader enterprise of Chinese women’s dress.
◇Group History
“Sunny Women,Show Long Life”,is the design concept and value advocated by Show Long Group.Over the past ten years,Show Long,relying on its“Six plus One”business model and brand road of independent innovation,has established a nationwide marketing network system.Through brand promotion,terminal marketing,store display,customer services,etc,Show Long,by rights of its brand charisma and core values,has entered into relatively stable good partnerships with consumer groups,franchises,the logistic system,brand service agencies,and the upstream and downstream businesses.
◇Core Values
By using effective resources and with brand products as media,to spread the concept of“Sunny Women,Show Long Life”and meet the demands of the specific groups of the society for quality life.We hope to create our living state together with our customers and promote the harmonious development of the humanity society.
◇Outstanding Achievements
In 1999,Show Lang brand won the international gold award of women’s dress on the China International Clothing&Accessories Fair.
In 2000,Show Long won“Excellent Women’s Dress Design Award”in China Fashion Week and the title of“National Top Ten among Media Evaluation”.
2In 2002,President Wu Jianmin was named“Young Industry Leader”.
In 2004,Show Long trademark was named“Shandong Famous Trademark”.
In 2006,President Wu Jianmin was named one of the“Top Ten Meritorious Entrepreneurs of Shandong Clothing Industry”and“Excellent Builder of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”and the company won the title of“Top 100 Enterprises of the National Clothing Industry”and its sales profit ranked the 15th in the national clothing industry.
In 2007,the company won“Shandong Famous Brand Product”,passed the ISO9001 certification;won“Outstanding Achievement Award in the National Women’s Dress Industry”and the title of“Top 100 Enterprises of the National Clothing Industry”and its total profit ranked the 30th and profit ratio of sales the 1st in the national clothing industry.
In 2008,President Wu Jianmin was selected as Director of Yantai Garment Industry Association,Vice Director of Shandong Garment Industry Association and Vice Director of Yantai Young Entrepreneurs Association,and won the titles of Star of Hope in Yantai’s 30th Reform and Opening Up Year,Shandong Top Ten Excellent Entrepreneurs in the Textile and Clothing Industry and Earthquake Relief Advanced Individual of Shandong Federation of Industry and Commerce System;while the company won the title of Shandong Enterprise Technology Center,2008 Shandong Excellent Responsible Enterprise,Excellent Enterprise in Shandong’s 30th Reform and Opening Up Year and National Top 100 Enterprise in the Clothing Industry.The company’s total sales ranked the 26th and profit rate of profit ranked the 7th.
In 2009,President Wu Jianmin won the titles of Outstanding Private Entrepreneur Affecting Yantai and Top 60 Men of the Day Affecting Shandong;the company won the titles of Provincial Technology Center,Shandong Top 100 Leading Brands at New China’s 60th Anniversary and National Top 100 Enterprises in the Clothing Industry.The company’s total sales ranked the 18th and the sales of profit ranked the 6th.
In 2010,the company participated in the 2010CHIC and won the Best Innovative Product Display Award,the Gold Award Product on 2010 Shandong Production,Learning and Research(Industrial Design)Exhibition and Negotiation Meeting and 2009-2010 Outstanding Brand Award Affecting China;and won the titles of 2009-2010 China Market Bestselling Clothing Brand,2010 China(Shandong)Clothing Brand Award–Style Award and Shandong Famous Brand.The company’s Show Long wool and cashmere coats won the title of Shandong Famous Brand.In addition,President Wu Jianmin was selected as Vice Director of Yantai Venture Promotion Organization and won the titles of 2010 National Textile Industry Labor Model,2010 Top Ten Men of the Day of China Textile and Clothing Industry and“2010 National Textile Industry Innovative Person”.
The company has set up design studios respectively in Beijing,Shanghai,Shenzhen and other international cities,sales branches in Beijing,Shenyang,Xi’an,Chengdu,Jinan,Shanghai,Wuhan and Shenzhen,as well as a manufacturing base of 150,000 m2 in Yantai,Shandong.Relying on its good corporate culture,Show Long has attracted excellent talent from all over the world.
◇Sales Strategy and Network
Innovation and Sales Strategies:We learn successful sales methods from experience,constantly melt in our new innovative ideas and strive to meet customers’diversified demands from strategic decisions and service details,so as to improving our service quality.
Main Cooperation Malls in Beijing:Jinyuan Yansha,SOGO,Zhongyou Department Store,New World,Xidan Shopping Center,Guiyou Group,Hualian Group and Wangfujing Department Store Group
Main Cooperation Malls in Shandong:Yinzuo Commercial Group,Qingdao Brilliance,Zibo Commercial Building,Weifang Zhongbai and Dongying Department Store
Main Cooperation Malls in Northeast China:Shenyang ZTE,Changchun Zhuozhan,Harbin Song Lei and Dalian Dashang Group
Main Cooperation Malls in Northwest China:Xi’an Brilliance and Minsheng Group
Main Cooperation Malls in East China:Nanjing Suning,Nanjing Gold Eagle and Nanjing Central Shopping Center
Main Cooperation Malls in Central China:Wuguang Group and New World Group
Main Cooperation Malls in South China:Maoye Group and Tianhong Shopping Mall