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We are committed to becoming a strong performer of multiple brand combination strategy in China Clothing Industry,listed company of Chinese women’s dress and world-famous fashion enterprise.
Culture Essence
Sunny Culture:Positive,Healthy and Harmonious,which is the culture connotation implied by the value concept of“Sunny Women,Show Long Life”.Sunny culture is the core of Show Long corporate culture and support of Show Long life.
About Company Development–Respect Tradition,Create the Future
Guide Employee Behavior—Action makes dreams realized
Brand Logo–Sunny Women,Show Long Life
Overview of Show Long Corporate Culture
Culture Vein
The key for Show Long to make its today’s achievement is being pragmatic.
Foundation of Show Long Culture
The foundation of Show Long culture lies in all the employees’positive spirit,high working enthusiasm and good teamwork awareness.
Show Long Culture is to recognize oneself,do not belittle oneself improperly,have one’s own judgment and know that he is a Chinese.Show Long people shall create a culture tree that reaches the sky.
Attitude of Culture
The expression of culture should have an international attitude,abide by the essence of the enterprise,do not be arrogant